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 Suggested Zero Method

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PostSubject: Suggested Zero Method   Fri Nov 06, 2015 9:26 am

Before you begin make sure you either reset to factory setting or go into the zero menu and hold the enter key until the red and green dots match. This will create an x and y of 0

Its suggested that you bore sight the scope prior to shooting to insure that your poi will be within the target zone.

Choose a sight in distance, say 100 yards, insure zoom is at base magnification ***** very important to be at base magnification ****** , fire a shot at the center of the target from a steady rest.

Go into the menu to the zero setup.

Aim the rifle at the original point of aim.

Use the arrow buttons to move the reticle to the bullet hole you just shot.
The xy numbers will change in values of 4.

Tap the enter button.

Exit the menu.

Fire another shot to confirm.

You should be shooting bullseye, or be VERY close.

Once out of the zero setup you can zoom in to get a better sight picture.

At this point if you want to make fine adjustments, at a zoom level greater than half the scope's magnification level, go back into the menu to the zero setup.

Aim for the bullseye again and fire a shot.

With the reticle on the bullseye you can now dial it to the new bullet hole by using the arrow keys. This time the xy values will change by a factor of 1. Giving you finer control to get the rifle dead on.
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Suggested Zero Method
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