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This Group is dedicated to current and prospective X-Sight owners to provide a mutually beneficial community for open troubleshooting, brainstorming and sharing.
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PostSubject: F.A.Q. INCLUDING LINKS FOR NAVIGATION   Fri Nov 06, 2015 10:03 am



1) Which X-Sight unit should I buy: 3-12x or 5-18x?

The answer to this question is dependent on the unit’s intended use, primarily short versus long distance shooting. Both units are generally the same size and weight, with the 5-18x being slightly larger and heavier. The 3-12x has a wider field of view, but the 5-18x has greater magnification capabilities. The X-Sight 3-12x is also marginally cheaper than the 5-18x. Both units offer the same digital capabilities and serve as great performance day and nighttime scopes.

2) Where can I buy my X-Sight?

You can purchase your X-Sight directly from ATN or from one of the many local and online dealers that stock ATN products around the world, including Amazon and eBay. ATN has provided a list of dealers on their website, seen here: http://www.atncorp.com/wheretobuy

Due to importing laws and regulations, if you live in the UK and purchase an X-Sight from a United States dealer, be aware that you will need an export license if you need to return a defective unit.

3) What type of mounting base does the X-Sight have?

The X-Sight is designed to attach to a Picatinny or Weaver style base. Always ensure the mounting hardware screws are tight before mounting the scope to your firearm.

4) What batteries should I use with my X-Sight?

The X-Sight requires four (4) AA (1.5v) type batteries. ATN recommends using lithium batteries for optimum function and battery life. Any battery brand will work, but we suggest using Energizer. If you areinterested in rechargeable batteries, we recommend KENTLI LiIon AA batteries, which can be found on eBay. If you purchase these batteries, make sure to buy an associated charger, as they have a slightly different positive end than most AA batteries. (Please use a CE certified charger.)

5) How long is the X-Sight battery life?

Battery life depends on the type of batteries used (see Question 4) and how often it is being used. To further prolong battery life, we recommend dimming the screen brightness and setting the device’s sleep delay to one or five minutes. With this setting, you can expect an average battery life of 8-12 hours.

New, or near new, batteries should be used when updating device firmware as this process can take time.

6) What microSD card should I use with my X-Sight?

ATN recommends using a Class 10 microSD card from 4-32GB. Similar to the batteries, any brand will work. If you plan on taking a lot of photos and/or videos, make sure to buy a larger memory card.

7) What IR illuminator should I use with my X-Sight?

While ATN provides an Armasight IR850 with the X-Sight, we suggest upgrading to an aftermarket IR illuminator to get the most out of the device at night.

We personally suggest purchasing the "T series Torches" currently the LED IR illuminator is perfect for both hunting and spotting at night. they offer great value for money - but there a lot more out there, so contact an ADMIN for the latest tested Torches..

Cool How far can I see with the X-Sight at night?

How far you can see at night depends on ambient lighting conditions and the IR illuminator used with the scope (see Question 7 for suggestions). Because of this, results may vary, but you can expect to see from 100 to 200 yards at night with the X-Sight.

9) Is the X-Sight water resistent?

Yes, the X-Sight can be used in both rain and snow. However, the unit cannot be submerged.

10) Is the X-Sight eyecap made of latex?

Yes, the X-Sight contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

11) How do I update the X-Sight firmware?

Perform the following steps to update your unit's firmware:

1. Ensure you are using fresh batteries prior to firmware update in case of power failure.

2. Download the latest 'xsight.bin' file from the ATN website and copy it to your microSD card in your computer. Be sure the firmware file is correctly named 'xsight.bin.'

3. Insert the microSD card into your unit.

4. In the “Firmware Update” dialog box, select “O” to start the update.

5. When the update counter reaches “100%” the device will automatically restart. If the device does not restart within 30 seconds, remove and re-insert the batteries and power-up.

6. Once the device is powered up it will enter self configuration and Wi-Fi configuration.

7. After completing both configurations it will automatically restart and be ready for use.

12) Do I need to re-zero my X-Sight after performing a firmware update, replacing the batteries or removing it from my firearm?

Updating firmware, replacing batteries or removing the scope from your firearm should not affect your previously set zero, however, we always recommend writing down and double checking your coordinates to ensure your settings have not changed. We will continue to check this with each additional firmware update.

13) Why don't my X-Sight videos have sound when played with Windows Media Player?

There is a known codex issue with X-Sight video files and Windows Media Player that does not allow sound to be played. Because of this, it is suggested you download the free VLC media player from VideoLAN at http://www.videolan.org/index.html.

14) Why don't I hear a click when I switch my X-Sight between day and night modes?

It is possible your scope's internal cut filter, which allows you to switch between day and night mode, is stuck or not functioning correctly. To attempt to fix, first give your scope a hard smack on the side with your hand. If this does not work, you may need to open your scope to clean it or address the problem. Follow the directions in this video for how to access your cut filter: http://ow.ly/SplZT. If you cannot see the two set screws, it is possible Loctite may be concealing them, in which case you will need to power through it with your 1.5 metric tool. However, if the lens is also Loctited, then you will need to send it in to the factory.

15) Can I make modifications to the X-Sight?

No; any modifications, including cosmetic, will void warranty.

16) What is the lens thread and size of the 3-12x model?

Objective lens OD: 48.15 mm

Pre-thread diameter of objective: 42.66mm

Diameter of full thread on sunshade: 43.5mm

Thread pitch: 0.75

Helpful Links/Documents:

X-Sight Firmware Update


X-Sight Previous Firmware Updates


How to Update X-Sight Firmware


ATN X-Sight Manual


ATN X-Sight Tutorial Video


ATN Obsidian Mobile App

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/atn-obsidian/id931990224?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.atn.obsidian&hl=en

VideoLAN VLC Media Player

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